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A Dose of Metal

13 x 52'

Lemmy Kilmister - Motörhead - (english Version)

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In this documentary the team from A Dose of Metal sets off on the road to see Motorhead’s last concert! We meet some of the closest people to one of the greatest Hard Rock band leaders of all times, Lemmy Kilmister, on his 70th anniversary and on what will become his last tour. The Metal Legend passed away shortly after his 70th birthday and this documentary is truly one of a kind. Discover or relive the best moments of Lemmy and his stunning and uncommon career.

Lemmy, 70
A l'aube de son 70ème anniversaire UD2M est parti rencontrer l'entourage de Lemmy sur la route de ce qui sera sa dernière tournée. La légènde du Metal ayant succombé quelques jours après son 70ème anniversaire, ce documentaire est considéré comme l'ultime sujet sur Lemmy et nous offre un retour sur une carrière ahurissante et hors du commun.


1. Metal in Africa - The Last Frontier ( South Africa)
2. Lemmy Kilmister - Motörhead (Munich)
3. Children of the Night - Tribulation (Budapest)
4. The Great Wall of Metal (Pekin)
5. Under Production (completed end 2016)
6. Under Production (completed end 2016)
7. Under Production (completed end 2016)
Date of completion of eps 8-13 TBD

16:9 - HD
Music - Music Documentaries - Music Pop Rock
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