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Crazy About your Pets

1 x 52'

Crazy About your Pets - English Version

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This documentary explores with tons of humor the strange and captivating bond between a person and its animal pet. We’ll follow 4 owners that have chosen a very special animal to keep them company, a pet quite out of the common.

Your audiences will have the best time following the daily lives of these characters and there amazing pets: An athletic dog, a pounds pig, a cobra and even a Crocodile!

A very character driven and original documentary that will not only captivate by the beautiful stories that are told between owners and their puts but also treats in a very entertaining way the relevant subject of the place that the animals have in our lives today.


« Fous d’animaux » explore avec humour le lien particulier qui unit un homme à son animal de compagnie. Un voyage au pays des animaux gâtés.

Quatre maîtres racontent leur quotidien avec leur animal de compagnie. Des passionnés qui ne vivent que par et pour « leur bébé d’amour ».

Au-delà du côté décalé de ces personnages, ce film s’interroge sur la place de l’animal dans la société et sur ce qu’il raconte de nous…nous les humains.

16:9 - HD
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