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Tank Biathlon

13 x 52'

TANK BIATHLON - S02E1 - English version


Steel and fire! For the first time ever, hundreds of TV cameras have their sights trained on the clash of the tanks. The might of modern military hardware and the most advanced TV technology come together to bring you one huge military and sporting show! The battle of the steel titans is run according to the rules of a sporting biathlon, and includes manoeuvres, firing from a stationary position, and firing with guns rotated 90 degrees. The top contenders fight it out; only the strongest can win. A thrilling spectacle, combining the power of a military parade and the excitement of a major sporting event.

Season 1 - The 1st International Competition
- Russia
- Armenia
- Kazakhstan
- Belarus

Season 2 - The 1st Tank Biathlon World Championship
- Russia
- Mongolia
- Venezuela
- Kazakhstan
- Belarus
- Armenia
- China
- Serbia
- Kyrgyzstan
- India
- Angola
- Kuwait

16:9 - HD
Motor - Sport
Year of Production
Tag Words
Army - Military - Motor - Russia - Sport Competition - Tank