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The Children Drew Death

1 x 44'

The Children Drew Death - Russian version (English Subtitles)


All children draw. Such drawings are always full of life: flowers, sun, mother… But in the barracks of Nazi concentration camps, the children were surrounded by death. Many years later they will draw from memory everything that is impossible to forget. They will draw death… The concentration camps held millions of young prisoners, with numbers tattooed on their slender wrists. They were earmarked to be used as lab rats in inhumane medical experiments. None of them were meant to survive. Little Ludovika and Krystyna, two sisters from Warsaw captured by the Germans, were likewise intended to die in the Neuengamme concentration camp, but fate spared them. Today, 65 years after the end of World War II, the surviving victims of Nazi horrors relate their experiences for the first time...

16:9/4:3 - SD
History - Politics / War - Social/Human Stories - World War II
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Documentary - Russia - USSR - War Memories - Warsaw - World War II