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World War II - Financial Battlefield

1 x 44'

World War II - Financial Battlefield - Russian version (English Subtitles)


War brings destruction and death – it is never anything less than a crime against humanity. Yet in the world of business it is frequently exploited as a sure way to make a profit. During the Nuremberg trials, the Third Reich’s one-time chief economist, Hjalmar Schacht, declared bitterly: “It was the dollar that started the Second World War, and it was the dollar that won it.” At the time, many were mystified as to what he meant. It has now been revealed, thanks to documents previously kept secret, that by early 1941 the total amount of money invested by the USA in the economy of the Third Reich stood at 474 million dollars. Some of America’s biggest companies – Standard Oil, General Motors, ITT and Ford – had invested money in the Nazis and made huge returns on their investments.

16:9 - HD
History - Politics / War - World War II
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