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The Ultimate Arctic Resort

1 x 48'

The Ultimate Arctic Resort - Russian version (English Subtitles)



Barneo is a one-of-a-kind ‘city’ in the midst of the Arctic ice, a hub of tourism and scientific research, whose inhabitants voluntarily submit themselves to a grand experiment of ‘survival’. Here, humans meet their most formidable enemy: the cold. This extreme pastime is not for the faint of heart. How does it all work? It starts with paratroopers who deploy on a white expanse of ice floe drifting towards the North Pole. They set up camp, including an airport on the ice. This is followed by bitter struggles with the frost, snowstorms, under-ice scuba diving, and attacks by aggressive polar bears, which are notoriously dangerous as far as humans are concerned. Surprisingly, despite the daunting nature of the Arctic extremes, the number of tourists at Barneo Ice Camp grows every year...

16:9 - HD
Discovery - Mountain - Sport
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Barneo Ice Camp - Documentary - Russia