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The Amur Leopard

1 x 48'

The Amur Leopard - Russian version (English Subtitles)


There are hardly 50 of those cats living nowhere else in the world but in the Russian Far East. For a whole year, the magnificent female leopard nicknamed Kedrovka lived in Russia’s Land of the Leopard National Park under the watch of hidden cameras. Kedrovka hunts, gives birth and raises kittens. She ventures into the wilds of the Ussuri Taiga and returns to the banks of the Kedrovaya River, jealously guarding her territory against outsiders. Then one day, a strange leopard wanders into Kedrovka’s kingdom… The unique shots of the Amur leopards used in the documentary have been obtained for the first time ever.

16:9 - HD
Animals - Wildlife/Nature
Year of Production
Tag Words
endangered species - Russia