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Killers From Outer Space

1 x 44'

Killers From Outer Space - Russian version (English subtitles)


Astrophysicists warn us of the extremely high probability that a ‘cosmic killer’ – a large asteroid, meteorite, or comet – will collide with the Earth. So if the human race does not want to share the fate of the dinosaurs, we should immediately start work on creating an international system to protect against the intrusion of celestial bodies into the Earth's atmosphere. Do you feel that the dangers are being exaggerated? Footage shot in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was only sheer luck that prevented millions of residents becoming the victims of a meteorite strike. However, it is worth noting that these lumps of rock falling from space bring more than just bad news for humanity. Scientists who study the composition of meteorites falling to Earth are finding more and more traces of microorganisms. This means that in all likelihood there is life out there in space...

16:9 - HD
Discovery - Science/Technology
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Astrophysics - Documentary - Russia