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1 x 26'

Tanker - Russian version ( English Subtitles)


Shipwrights refer to gas tankers as “ocean monsters.” These are enormous ships of incredible technological complexity. Today, South Korea is one of the major manufacturers of gas tankers. Here, in one of the largest shipyards in the world, we will follow the entire astounding process of the construction of a tanker, which in actuality takes 2.5 years. We will see the process of assembling the hull, marvel at its highly sophisticated electronic equipment, visit the construction hangars equipped with cutting-edge computers, and ascertain for ourselves that the most difficult aspect of fitting the parts is performed manually: it requires not only precision, but also imagination. The creation of a tanker is not just a colossal endeavour, but a major feat involving thousands of workers and inspiring awe in mankind’s abilities.

16:9 - HD
Politics / War - Science/Technology
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Documentary - Russia - USSR - War Science