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Kamchatka - Life on a Volcano

1 x 44'

Kamchatka - Life on a Volcano - Russian version (English subtitles)


Welcome to the Kamchatka Peninsula: a world of wonders. The Valley of Geysers staggers the mind with iridescent eruptions and clouds of hot swirling steam. Kamchatka’s hundred-plus volcanoes thrill the senses: you can feel the Earth’s pulse pounding through your feet in the Uzon Caldera, while your own heart freezes on the slopes of Klyuchevskaya Sopka at the thought that at any moment jets of searing lava may spew out of the volcano’s crater. Below the looming volcanoes, you can raft along mountain rivers through the primordial majesty of Kamchatka’s forests and catch a glimpse of the Kamchatka brown bear (the largest in the world), until you finally reach Kamchatka’s shores, strewn with black volcanic sand: the shores of the Pacific Ocean, which links the poles of our planet.

16:9 - HD
Mountain - Science/Technology - Wildlife/Nature
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Documentary - Russia - Valley of Geysers - Volcano