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Horse Racing World Tour

17 x 52'

USA: In Trot We Trust

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You’ll travel the world over to discover equestrian sports and how it’s developing. You’ll also see the different techniques to raise and train horses, as well as its popularity in every culture and country.


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Partez aux quatre coins du monde découvrir le sport hippique ainsi que son développement comme les différentes techniques d'élevages, les méthodes d'entraînement mais également l’engouement populaire propre a chaque culture et chaque pays.


1. South Africa: The Rainbow Horse
2. Argentina: From the Pampa to Palermo
3. Balearic, The Kingdom of Minorcan
4. Sweden: The Other Country of the Trot
5. USA: Fast and Furious
6. USA: In Trot we Trust
7. Australia: The Aussie Fever
8. Morocco: The Equestrian Ambition
9. Tasmania: Horses at the Other End of the World
10. Turkey: The Ottoman Passion
11.Madagascar : Races on the Red Island
12. UK: Birthplace of Horse Racing
13. Portugal : The Birth of an Industry
14. Russia: the Awakening of a Giant
15. Germany: the Revival of the Mannschaft
16. Brazil: The Auriverdes Horse
17. Hong Kong, 130 years of passion
18. Hungary: between tradition and modernity
19. Qatar: My Kingdom for a Horse
20. Behind the scene of the Los Angeles Master Tour

16:9 - HD
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