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Soul Kitchen

26 x 24'

Ep. 1 Europe - English Version

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A one of a kind show where host Charu Shankar reinvents some of the world's most popular and sought after food, with an ancient Indian method. It's the Sattvik way of cooking, wich only use positive food for the mind and body, revealed in the classic texts of Ayurveda, as a diet which is light, healthy and life-giving.

Fitness expert and great traveler, Charu welcomes you in her beautiful soul kitchen. She brings you in every episode the best of the world’s cooking from Europe to Asia with a Sattvik twist.


1. Europe
2. Lunch
3. Picnic
4. Breakfast
5. Italy
6. Mid East
7. Thailand
8. Mexican
9. Chinese
10. Greek
11. French
12. Spanish
13. High Tea
14. Sri Lanka
15. Birthday Party
16. Swiss
17. Japanese
18. Tibetan
19. Indonesian
20. Vietnam
21. Arabian
22. English Supper
23. American
24. Korean
25. Kashmiri
26. South Indian

16:9 - HD
Cooking - Lifestyle
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Detox - Healthy Food