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Eat Pray Celebrate

7 x 24'

Ep. 1 Karni Mata - English Version

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This series celebrates Faith in a very unique way. The show visits some iconic places of worship in India to discover overriding faith amongst the devotees. Each of these places have an offering to the Divine in terms of food that is distributed to the people who throng these places. These are foods that heal, and are said to have the blessings of the Holy Spirit who is being worshipped. The most interesting part each of these dishes have a fantastic legend to them, stories that have been carried down generations. The anchor, Braja Mohan delves into the spirituality of these places, gets a taste of the Divine Food, and tries to recreate the magic of the same food in his kitchen. Eat Pray Celebrate is a visit to the holy places in India, to discover the Divine Connect and understand the devotion of the teeming millions towards these places. The show also talks about the food that is the Divine Offering for the residing deities in these places of worship


1. Karni Mata
2. Amritsar
3. Guruvayoor
4. Vrindavan
5. Ajmer
6. Pandharpur
7. Udupi

16:9 - HD
Cooking - Discovery - Travel
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Food - India - Spirituality - Temple