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An Angry Man, the Portrait of a Muslim Democrat

1 x 52'

An Angry Man


This film is a strong and moving portrait of a Muslim journalist from Algerian descent, who risks his life to defend the values of secularism and democracy. Mohamed Sifaoui left Algeria, his native country, in 1999, threatened with death by Islamic fundamentalists, after he just escaped a terrible attack. Today a refugee in France, this journalist devotes his life to investigating Islamic fundamentalists and denouncing their maneuvers. Thus, he has infiltrated several terrorist cells… We have followed him during a trial that stirred great debate across Europe: the Mahomet caricature trial which opposes the weekly Charlie Hebdo to Muslim organizations. But Mohamed is not alone: many men and women with a Muslim background struggle for democracy and against Islamism, in Germany, Denmark and elsewhere. In his wake, we meet some of them. What does Mohamed basically fight for? Secularism of course but also Islam because he is profoundly Muslim and a believer. In this film, he shares with us his own vision of Islam, free from any obscurantist temptation and finally reconciled with modernity. Through a personal story, this film is a message of hope for every Muslim democrat across Europe.

16:9 - SD
Politics / War - Social/Human Stories
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Biography - Crime - Documentaries - Investigation - Religion