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Gallop Courses

4 x 26'

Ep 1 - Gallop Course - French Version



The Gallops Riding Levels 1 to 4 makes up the first section of a schooling program for horse back riders. It consists of a progressive system to learn the fundamentals of horse back riding. The gallop 1 teaches you the most basic information on how to start becoming a horse back rider, the Gallop 2 teaches you the 3 gaits, the Gallop 3 teaches you how to guide your horse, keep control, and jump, and finally the Gallop 4 finalizes your basic riding levels.


Objectif Galop

Les Galops 1 à 4 constituent le cycle de formation initiale du cavalier. Ils proposent un apprentissage progressif des fondamentaux de l'équitation. Le Galop 1 vous apprend comment devenir cavalier, Le Galop 2 vous apprend à évoluer aux 3 allures, Le Galop 3 vous apprend la conduite, le contrôle et les sauts et enfin Le Galop 4 finalise votre apprentissage de cavalier.


1. Gallop Course 1
2. Gallop Course 2
3. Gallop Course 3
4. Gallop Course 4

16:9 - HD
Horse - Sport
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