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14 x 26'-52'

Ep 2 - Jean-Maurice Bonneau, Olympic Coach - French Version

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Some of the most prestigious trainers up close !

Rencontre avec les entraîneurs les plus prestigieux !


1. Thierry Duvaldestein: Story of an Equestrian Success
2. Jean-Maurice Bonneau, Olympic Coach
3. Marc Bobelet, the Trainning Spirit
4. Guatemala Equestrian Sport
5. Patrick Caron, 100 Dreams of Glory
6. Jean-Claude Rouget : L’œil du maître
7. Jean-Luc Force, International trainner
8. Jean Teulere, Horse Champion Up Close
9. Henk Nooren, a Unique Jumping Trainner
10. Guillaume Linsolas, the Camargue Tradition
11. Kobayahi, Japanese Horse Race Trainer
12. Mieule Family: an equestrian passion
13. Carlos Laffon Parias, El senor de Chantilly
14. Les Botti : un duo gagnant

16:9 - HD
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Flat Race - horse - Show jumping - Trainers