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30 x 26'

Ep 12 - Mastertips - French Version

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Discover this fabulous series, an educational tool for all riders wishing to improve their horse back riding. In total, there are no less than 30 practical tips on how to work your horse better, under the guided hand of three international champions: Serge Cornut in dressage, Eric Levallois in show jumping competition and Jean-Luc Force in complete competition.



Découvrez cette fabuleuse série, qui se veut être un outil pédagogique pour tous les cavaliers désirant améliorer leur équitation. Au total c’est pas moins de 30 conseils pratiques qui vous serons révélé pour mieux travailler son cheval sous la conduite de trois champions internationaux : Serge Cornut en dressage, Eric Levallois en Concours de Saut d’Obstacles et Jean-Luc Force en Concours Complet.


1. Get into the ideal position
2. Keep the speed of the horse in check
3. Guide the horse with precision
4. Have the right contact
5. Control its stride
6. Work on the approach of the jump
7. Warming up the horse before a competition
8. Introducing a new difficulty to the horse
9. Working the horse
10. Ground work
11. Adopting the correct position
12. Adjust the forward thrust of the horse
13. Guide the horse with precision
14. Seek the right contact
15. Check its stride
16. Master approaching the obstacle
17. Organize a working session
18. Introduce a new exercise to the horse
19. Working the horse
20. Ground work
21. Mastering with precision the movements of the horse
22. Improve the use of aides
23. Improve the horse’s gestures
24. Mastering the approach
25. Work the horse progressively
26. Preparing for competition
27. Get the performance reactions established
28. Keep control of your horse
29. Getting the horse relaxed during workouts
30. Control the gallop

16:9 - SD
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Complete Competition - Dressage - Show jumping