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Rhino Jazz Series

6 x 60'

Bill and Chaney Sims

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The Rhino Jazz series reunites some of the most acclaimed Jazz and Blues artists playing live during the famous Rhino Jazz Festival !

Your audiences will enjoy fabulous live performances of big names like DAvell Crawford performing Ray Charles, John Lee Hooke, the legendary Sims duo, Shakura's aida and more...

Let's Jazz!


Ep 1. John Lee Hooker Jr: A Name
Ep 2. Chaney Siims and Bill Sims: A Legendary Duo
Ep 3. Davell Crawford Tribute to Ray Charles
Ep 4. Shakura'S Aida - Rhino Jazz Festival 2014
Ep 5. Mighty Mo Rodgers - Rhino Jazz Festival 2014
Ep 6. Zac Harmon - Rhino Jazz Festival 2016
Ep 7. The Two - Rhino Jazz Festival 2016

16:9 - HD
Music - Music Jazz
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