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Closing Shop on a Floating Naval City

1 x 26'


Imagine a town of two thousand inhabitants. Imagine now a floating city, where the sea is the only skyline. It's the Foch, a French aircraft carrier ... the last of it's generation. And on board two thousand sailors, seamen and officers; helicopters, fighter planes; there are mainly men, but also a few women.
Some have gone to war in the Gulf, others have experienced periods of tension in Bosnia, and Kosovo.
This former flagship of the French Navy is now about to retire. It will soon be decommissioned to make way for new technology: the Charles De Gaulle, the new nuclear aircraft carrier.
For the crew, this is the end of a great adventure, a long chapter of their lives is about to be turned.

Politics / War - Science/Technology
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Documentaries - History - Social Issue - War