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Oakland's Juvenile Squad

1 x 52'

Oakland's Juvenile Squad - English Version

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This crime and investigation documentary takes you into to the headquarters of the Juvenile squad police department of Oakland, the dark suburbs of the shiny city of San Francisco in California.

Follow Lieutenant Willey and its team of expert police men and women as they dismantle one of the most terrifying and common crimes of Oakland: Sex slavery and Trafficking of minor girls.

This impressive documentary will take your audiences into the heart of the heart of these thorough investigations where they’ll follow up close each character and have access to the testimonies of the police squads, the criminals and the victims.

Viewers will be completely captivated by the great undercover images and mostly by the powerful testimonies of this show!


Oakland : police des mineurs

Le pont du Golden Gate, les maisons aux façades bleues, les vieux tramways du centre-ville : bienvenue à San Francisco (Californie), l’une des plus belles villes des États-Unis.

Pourtant, juste de l’autre côté de la baie, le décor change radicalement. Car la riche et chic San Francisco a une banlieue sombre, une voisine pauvre et déshéritée : Oakland.

16:9 - HD
Crime/Investigation - Social/Human Stories
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Investigation - Police - Prostitution - USA