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8 x 44'

Supercars - Ep 3 - English Version


SUPERCARS is the show of luxury car dealer Hamid Mossadegh doing his business deals. His Partner, Karsten "Kasi" Peters, is his go-to-guy when it comes to exclusive used-cars. Get a glance at this amazing show room filled with Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, etc. These Supercars are required by the most porminent clients, including many football stars such as Diego Benaglio or Marcel Jansen.


1. Finding Sports cars for Footballers
2. An SUV for Dennis Diekmeier
3. A cool friend for the best scorer in Bundesliga
4. A dificult assignment for Hamid and Kasi
5. A special order for Kas
6. Looking for a suitable car
7. A New convertible
8. Best of

16:9 - HD
Motor - Sport
Year of Production
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Auto - car - Famous - Luxury - Motor - Rich - Sport - Wheels