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The Perfect Car

99 x 44'

The Perfect Car - Ep 96 - English Version

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While trying to find the perfect used car for their customers, Sidney and J.P will reveal the most useful hints and give the best advice on how to buy a used car without getting ripped off !

Our very cool hosts will take you with them on the adventure of finding the best used cars deals while having great fun on the way.

So buckle up for tons of useful information wrapped up with great speed and lots of fun !


1. A Porsche for 10,000 Euros
2. A Luxus SUV
3. A Young drivers' Car for 2,500 Euros
4. A Powerful car for Sandro Cortese
5. A family car for 5,000 euros
6. Look for the best BMW 3 Series
7. A US Convertible for the Barmaid
8. A 80's sports car
9. A Pickup for Martin
10. A cool Camper Van for Sabine Schmitz
11. A Fun car with at least 200 horsepower
12. A Cruiser for Harry
13. A small rice burner car for Karina
14. A 80's Coupé for a Munich based car lover
15. A SUV for the lowest price
16. A Family station wagon for 6.000 euros
17. New Years' Eve Special
18. Special: Power or Stiletto
20. Two cars for the fitness teacher
21. Special on Spain: Let's find a convertible car in Madrid
22. A stylish US V8
23. When buying a car becomes a profitable investment
24. A 60s-70s Mercedes for 8000 Euros
25. A 80s oldtimer car
26. A Dampfhammer for the road
27. An Exclusive Roadster for 7000 euros
28. A Camper for 10,000 euros
29. A US sports car for 15 to 20,000 euros
30. Looking for a motorcycle carrier
31. A pickup for Daniel
32. A Rice burner car for Fatboy Slim
33. A Family Van for 7,000 euros
34. A SLK Mercedes for only 5000 euros?
35. Looking for a Japanese Oldtimer Car
36. The Dreamed Porsche
37. Christmas Special
38. A student car for Saskia
39. US Cabriolet
40. A Mini Van for Daddy
41. A Golf for Kai
42. A SUV for this car loving couple
43. She wants space, he wants power
44. A car for Claudia
45. A Coupé for 12000 euros
46. An Italian car for 9000 euros
47. The Art of Negociating
48. Looking for A Pickup
49. French Cars Special
50. A Mobile Home for Marc
51. A small, convertible and fast car for summer
52. One engine, three cars
53. A vintage car for 50,000 euros
54. An iconic car for 1500 euros
55. Looking for an Hot rod
56. Looking for a racing car for leisure
57. A Young drivers' Car for Jonas
58. Looking for a powerful car
59. Looking for a birthday gift for Dieter
60. A family van for Rolf
61. A Powerful SUV for an expert driver
62. Looking for automatic car that stands out
63. A oldtimer car for Anke
64. A cool truck for 20,000 euros
65. Looking for a Porsche for less than 25,000 euros
66. When unsold cars become a bargain
67. Looking for a gasoil fast car
68. Looking for a French car
69. A Cabriolet for less than nothing
70. A Station Wagon for 12,000 euros
71. Looking for an old but iconic car
72. Looking for an iconic sports car
73. Looking for a small car
74. Looking for a car that endures kilometers
75. Best of outtakes
76. Best of 100
77. A promotional car for the Berlin radio station
78. A family station wagon for Dean
79. Looking for my first own car
80. A SUV for 30,000 euros
81. A luxurious Equipped Car
82. A 300 horsepower car for 15, 000 euros
83. A cheap Family Van
84. A tuned rice burner car
85. A Classic German Price for low price
86. Iconic cars dealers show their best model
87. A camping car for 6000 euros
88. 4 cars to present
89. Something funny for Jupp
90. Cool summer cars
91. Last Minute Auto
92. Big yankes and noisy engines
93. Claudis' Station Wagon
94. Italien sports car
95. Deluxe Coupé
96. A car for Helm-Peter
97. Seat Special - 1
98. Seat Special - 2
99. Seat Special - 3

16:9 - HD
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