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Fashion Planet

1 x 26'


During the fashion show, Paris is nothing but a huge showroom. From the Carrousel du Louvre to the tiny and trendy galleries of Sentier neighborhood, fashion is making its own show.
During this moment, you will find two kind of people : the « real » people and the fashion people. The first ones stay outside, on the pavement. The second ones are allowed to enter the mythical and very hyped shows.
The fashion world is made of designers, models, photographers, stars : people in the spotlight.
But the fashion world is also made of those working in the shadow : the dressmakers, the assistants. They have a tough and hectic job, work very hard, and do not allow themselves to make any mistakes. They are perfectly aware that a designer can risk his career on one single show. Ready to deal with a high level of pressure, funny, often moving, and completely addicted to their job, they give us an opportunity to discover the backstage of the prestigious fashion world.

16:9 - SD
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Designer - Fashion - Lifestyle