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In Praise of Happiness

1 x 48'


In Germany there is an old saying which goes as follows: « Happy as God in France ». Several German writers have published books about their journeys to France. What are they looking for in France which they cannot find at home? A bit of sunshine, a certain joie de vivre ? But Germans are not the only ones looking for that. At a time when we are trying to raise moral standards in the capitalist system, by putting an end to golden parachutes, are we actually exploring this famous saying according to which money can't buy happiness? In short, would happiness be a new idea? What makes us happy? Is it because we make an effort? Is it the little things in life that make us smile? Or on the contrary, is it a serious matter that has to do with love, health and wealth? This film will talk about stories, strong accounts. But it is also backed with historical, social and philosophical thoughts to get a better understanding of this strange concept of Happiness. What are the definitions of happiness? Does the concept take a new meaning in the context of a crisis? What role does money play in our feeling of happiness? Did you know that the feeling of happiness grows as revenues grow, until a certain point but then it stagnates? To the image of introspection, this film is a real reflection on happiness in the beginning of this century…

Economy/Finance - Social/Human Stories
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