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Street Football in My Country

5 x 26'

South Africa - English version

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Street Football is a worldwide phenomenon that can be played by anyone, no matter their age, their gender or where they come from. It can be played anywhere, no need for a stadium, white lines, green grasses or even shoes ! In each episode of these series we take you to an emerging country where Football has become a way of helping children and bringing hope by life changing their habits. Discover the attaching portraits of these children that might one day become some of the greatest players in the world just like before them C. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and so many others.


L'Autre Football
Le football de rue est un phénomène mondial. Pas besoin de stade, de lignes blanches ou de gazons verdoyants, le terrain se dessine dans le paysage urbain : sur le macadam ou sur un terrain vague. Des associations se servent de cet autre football pour venir en aide à des adolescents. Les attentes, les problèmes ne sont pas les mêmes à Buenos Aires, au Cambodge, en Afrique du Sud ou en Bosnie.


1 - South Africa
2 - Cambodia
3 - Argentina
4 - Bosnia
5 - Kenya