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Hollywood's Stories

13 x 26'

Ep 3. Kylie Jenner, World’s Youngest Billionaire

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The documentary series that unveils the best kept secrets of Hollywood and reveals the well-known scandals of the showbiz world. Each episode of 26’ covers such topics as the Harvey Weinstein scandal and #Metoo movement, mysterious celebrity deaths, craziest downfalls, the insane lifestyle of the rich and famous and all the stories that everybody wants to know.

Great archival footage, exclusive interviews and reenactment scenes to relive the best and most scandalous moments ever of Hollywood’s story.


1. #MeToo & Harvey Weinstein Scandal
2. Jim Carrey - Tragedy and Transformation
3. Kylie Jenner, World’s Youngest Billionaire
4. Child and Teens Abuse in Hollywood
5. Minorities Rebellion in Hollywood
6. Paul Walker: Fast, Furious and Tragic
7. Gwyneth Paltrow: From Movie Star to Health Guru
8. John Travolta Sex Scandal
9. Heath Ledger: Dark Fate for a Young Star
10. Johnny Depp’s Money Mess
11. Mission Scientology for Tom Cruise: The Truth
12. Pellicano, Downfall of Hollywood’s Notorious Fixer
13. Will and Jada Smith: A Bizarre Marriage ?

16:9 - HD
Year of Production
2019 -2020
Tag Words
Celebrity - Famous - Fims Indsutry - hollywood - Scandals