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Rio's Highway to Fear

1 x 50'


Rio de Janeiro. October day, afternoon. The air is muggy. Once again, on Avenida do Brasil (Brazil Avenue), the expressway crossing the city is blocked because of "urban guerilla war". Everyday something is happening there. Narcotraffickers furiously exchange gunfire. The police get involved in this gang war which results in 6,000 casualties each year. Comparatively speaking, one thousand American soldiers have died since the beginning of the occupation...
This film follows the BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) which controls the main roads leading to Rio and whose barracks are located in the middle of the city’s biggest favela. Its walls are bullet-proof, the cars’ windows are armoured. Twenty two squad officers have already been shot dead on patrol this year...
This film deals with the patrol’s daily routine : what are the risks? What methods are used to face different situations? What do these tense situations reveal about today’s Brazil?
A film about the hidden side of Brazil, a film which reveals, along the road, the lacks of safety for a whole country.

Crime/Investigation - Social/Human Stories
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Crime - Documentaries - Insecurity - Investigation - Rio - Sud America