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Seven Deadly Sins

7 x 52'

Envy: The Flactif Case

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Lust : Yveline Case:
Had the police not found the lifeless, shackled body of Yveline, nobody could have ever imagined what was happening at the home of Rene Bellefroid, a wealthy French industrialist. Yveline was a young computer scientist leading a double life. When her body was discovered, her ankles were shackled... she had a halter without panties... her bra was undone. In Douai, France everyone knows and respects Bellefroid, a rich industrialist... but not many are familiar with his fetish evenings involving whips, chains, nails, and leather. Is he responsible for the death of Yveline? Not in the eyes of the courts, whose eyes happen to be set on the older envious ex-mistress of Bellefroid: having lost Rene's favour...

Gluttony: Sawaga The Cannibal:
« It’s been an obsession ever since my childhood. I dreamt about it, I just had to do it… ». This is how Issei Sagawa explained what had led him to murder a young Dutch student and eat her flesh. Declared psychologically irresponsible for his acts, he was at first interned at a hospital in Villejuif before being sent back to Japan. Other experts then deemed him to be sane, and he was released. He is now a free man…

Greed: Boutboul Case:
Jacques Perrot, a respected attorney, is found dead on the threshold of his parents' flat, in the 16th district of Paris. Investigators rapidly have their suspicions on Elisabeth Cons, the mother of Darie Boutboul, a respected female jockey. This grandmother shows a personality which nobody had suspected in the heat of the investigation and after nine years of investigation we will find the real motive for the crime: she wanted to hide her embezzlement to her son-in-law. Elisabeth Cons is sentenced to 10 years of prison for being behind the murder of her son-in-law. Released in 1998, Elisabeth Cons, trained as an attorney, has never stopped proclaiming her innocence. Now living away from prying eyes with her daughter and her grandson, she will certainly take the clue to this mysterious murder to the grave with her.

Sloth : Martinelli Case:
Mr. Martinelli has a son. A lazy good for nothing, whose sole activity is spending the money that his father took 30 years to earn and save... Thirty years slaving away at his pizza oven, to acquire one million French francs. One fateful day, he overhears his father saying "If he wants money, he'll now need to earn it himself!" The son panics, and kills his father... It's a tragedy that shakes the town of Bastia, where Pierrot Martinelli, was known to everyone as the beloved owner of the pizzeria "Gino."

Wrath : Richard Durn Case:
Richard Durn looks like a very ordinary young man. But is he really? He feels extremely isolated and grows paranoid. His anger intensifies, but with no specific reason or target. He threatens to « do something that will fuck them all up until the end of their days ». But he can’t think of anything to do… Until one morning in 2001, when he bursts in the middle a local council meeting near Paris and slays 8 councilors. 8 total strangers…

Envy: Flactif Case:
In April 2003, the five members of the Flactif family disappeared from their chalet in French Alps. Police later discovered the father was involved in real estate swindles… Could it be a case of revenge? No. The Flactif’s were in fact deliberately massacred by jealous neighbors who could not bear the fact they had a bigger chalet and a larger car than theirs… Envy, this green-eyed monster.

On February 9, 1987, two masked men attack a bank in Marseille, in the south of France, and hold 22 people hostage. Two rival commando groups, headed by police, are called in to take charge of the situation. For hours, the robbers threaten to execute their hostages. All the while, they make their great escape quietly through the sewers, with 12 million francs!... The bank robbers are eventually caught, but, eight years after the fact, the jury acquits them!


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