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8 x 52'

The Opvaska Mysteries

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Sex is fascinating and it attracts everyone’s attention. Jealousy, obsession, frustration: sex reveals our dark side, our deepest secrets and backs some of us into an unexpected corner … sometimes into dark abysses. Because boundary line between passion, sex and crime is often very thin. And switching from one to another is all the more violent. Sometimes, you just need a “little something”, a tiny spark to turn a sexual drive into a criminal urge… Therefore, every year, hundreds of crimes are passion or sex-related. We all know of examples. There are crimes shown on tv everyday but there are also those crimes which are committed in darkness. Through eight criminal cases, the “Sex and Crimes” series intend to relate those stories where passion drifts, where the urge is the strongest and where the confusion of senses leads to murderous insanity… Some dangerous liaisons stories between Eros and Thanatos. During 52 minutes, each episode goes back over a new criminal case, a case where sexuality and crime are mixed together, in order to analyze the hidden psychological mechanisms which led to the crime. Each film is shot as closely as possible to the protagonists, their families and friends and even sometimes, the defendant will talk. Stunning stories, more impressive than fictional ones which plunge us into the human soul’s insanity.

SEX1_Murder on the web:
Jackie Giboulet, a 58-year-old gay man, is found dead in Nîmes. Aziz Bouzida, a 21-year-old Moroccan man he met on the Internet, stabbed him 11 times and then took off with his laptop. During his trial, Aziz strongly denied being gay: facing his entourage and having to address his religious beliefs, he vehemently denied having that kind of sexual orientation. Aziz Bouzida was eventually sentenced to twenty years in prison, a heavy sentence. He decided not to appeal, and ultimately this case left many questions unanswered. Why was Jackie Giboulet murdered?

SEX5_Murder at the Swingers club_Diguelman:
Montpellier Criminal Court, the murder trial of Frantz Diguelman. We followed this six-day trail of convicted murderer Frantz Diguelman, who extraordinarily agreed to speak to us in a tell-all. Frantz Diguelman admits having committed this savage murder: he shot his victim with a spear gun and stabbed him 20 times. The victim, Paul Mistler, an ordinary 60-year-old storekeeper, was the husband of Diane Mistler, the woman whom Diguelman claimed was his lover. Diana Mistler denies any involvement in the murder. But of the two suspects, which one is telling the truth?

SEX2_Sexology Dysfunction_Tordjman_Case
In April 2009, the last appear of Tordjman was at the Assize Court of Paris, accused for seven rapes by his patients and two sexual assaults. He has always protested his innocence but he died a month before his trial. Was it really a sexual predator?
April 2009, Tordjman, a doctor, was accused for seven rapes by his patients, aggravated rape by person having authority over vulnerable people”. But, women who filed complaints against him, returned to his regular consultations.
He has always protested his innocence, but died a month before his trial. The serious charges against him were true? What really was happening behind the closed doors of cabinet Tordjman? Was it really a sexual predator? A therapist deviant? In the eyes of justice, he died innocent. If Tordjman took his secret with him, he must go back over the fate of this famous practitioner, and conducting the investigation to understand what were the real issues of his life.

SEX4_The Opavska Mysteries:
On February 24, 2004, Katharina Opvaska, is accused of murdering her lover. She's sentenced to 15 years in prison. She has the icy beauty of a girl from Eastern Europe, frequenting palaces on the French Riviera. Her playground is the world of luxury prostitution. But behind it all lies a disturbing past: her first husband dies in the 1980's after coming down with a mysterious tropical fever. The second disappears without a trace in South America. The third man in her life crashes into a ravine. The prime suspect is the girl with the intoxicating beauty... the "praying mantis," according to the prosecutor, that no man can resist. She lures them in, only to take them for everything they have.

SEX3_The Manuela Cano Mystery:
Daniel Cano is found dead, murdered. Today, Manuela Cano, his widow, is in custody, accused of murdering her husband because of her dark, tragic love life in the past. Over 25 years, within a radius of 25 kilometers, she has had 5 boy friends. Two are hospitalized and three died. The rumour paints Manuela Cano as a "black widow." In this film, we retrace the facts. But we also try to understand the kind of men who shared their lives with her, as well as the life she built with Daniel for 17 years. Innocent or guilty, Manuela Cano herself remains a mystery.
This film will attempt to understand how a boy's love for a doll transformed him into a serial killer. It's the true story of Volker Eckert, who leaves behind his strangled victims along the roadside. Young, he takes a liking to one of his sister's dolls. While playing with this beautiful doll he caressed himself. And from that point on, Volker Eckert would continually search out that same feeling of pleasure. And so he needs a partner who has very beautiful long hair. This is the horrific story of a serial "strangler" who kills to relive the intense sexual emotions he experienced during his youth.

SEX6_The fetish trucker:
This is the horrific story of a serial "strangler" who kills to relive the intense sexual emotions he experienced during his youth. How does a child obsessed with a doll with long hair become a serial killer?

SEX8_A little Murder Among Friends:
Marie-Ange, Sabrina, Nathalie. These three young women lived together in a small house in southern Belgium, near the French border, Virton. A quiet town, between woods and countryside.
Why would they have killed Cindy, a former Marie-Ange's girlfriend ? After a first trial, two accused found themselves behind bars. However, part of the mystery remains unsolved. Is this an ordinary story of jealousy among women? Or a game more perverse, game of sexual domination and manipulation ?


SEX1_Murder on the web
SEX5_Murder at the Swingers club_Diguelman
SEX7_Frustration killing
SEX4_The Opavska Mysteries
SEX2_Sexology Dysfunction_Tordjman
SEX3_The Manuela Cano Mystery
SEX8_A little Murder Among Friends
SEX6_The fetish trucker

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