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Welcome To

26 x 52'  -  12 x 26'

Welcome to : Japan and the art of Judo

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Welcome to an original series, rich in informations and dynamic which takes you on a world tour of Martial Arts...


Une série originale, riche en informations et dynamique qui vous emmène dans un tour du monde des Arts martiaux, à la recherche des liens qui les unissent à la culture du continent et du pays qui les a vus naître.


Episodes 26 x 52’

1.Welcome to : Highland Wrestlers in Scotland
2.Welcome to : Australia
3.Welcome to : Japan and the art of Judo
4.Welcome to : Malaysia and the traditional art of Silat
5.Welcome to : Hong Kong
6.Welcome to : Canada
7.Welcome to : Okinawa, the cradle of Karate
8.Welcome to : Thailand and the art of combat in Siam
9.Welcome to : Mongolia
10.Welcome to : Amazonia Warriors
11.Welcome to : China and the Mysteries of Wudang
12.Welcome to : The Zurkaneh wrestle in Iran
13.Welcome to : Cambodia
14.Welcome to : Vietnam and the art of Viet Vo Dao
15.Welcome to : Martinique
16.Welcome to : Greece
17.Welcome to : Italy and France
18.Welcome to : The Philippines
19.Welcome to : India
20.Welcome to : Myanmar and the art of Bando
21.Welcome to : Turkey and Senegal
22.Welcome to : Kendo and Gathka
23.Welcome to : Muay Thai and French Boxing
24.Welcome to : Kung Fu and Pencak Silat
25.Welcome to : Capoeira and Krav Maga
26.Welcome to : Taekwondo and Wrestling
Episodes 12 x 26’

1.Welcome to : Kirkpinar, the ancestral wrestling
2.Welcome to : The Capoeira
3.Welcome to : American Wrestling
4.Welcome to : Gatka, the Sikh martial art
5.Welcome to : Krav Maga
6.Welcome to : Taekwondo, In the Land of the Morning Calm
7.Welcome to : The Samurais of Kendo
8.Welcome to : The Wrestlers of Teranga
9.Welcome to : The Tigers of Silat
10.Welcome to : Kung Fu, the Chinese martial art
11.Welcome to : Muay Thai – The Art of the Warrior
12.Welcome to : France

16:9 - HD
Discovery - Sport
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