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The Frenchie

1 x 45'


This is the story of Julian, a young Franco-American man who has lived his entire life in France; he is 21 years old when he gets a scholarship for a year of study at an American college. Thus, he leaves the family nest to go and discover the United States and American students. He takes his video camera, an inseparable friend, to film the life of his fellow citizens and sharpen his look on a country where he feels a bit like a stranger despite his origins. Drugs, music, politics, alcohol, friendship and girls… we look openly at the students’ daily life. Through Julian’s eyes and in the manner of a diary, we immerse ourselves in his new life, we share his new experiences. He allows us to experience straightforwardly the joys of campus life, the taboos, his excesses, his social life, his inner conflicts… Meanwhile we discover all the workings of a mini society which gives priority to personal blooming, emulation, dynamism, creativity, open-mindedness and sense of community.
Between change of scene, cultural shock and unusual encounters, Julian captures essential moments of life in a pivotal period.

Social/Human Stories
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Cultural shock - Documentation - Lifestyle - Society