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The Great Conspiracy

1 x 45'


Why does part of the public opinion believe so easily that the "world master" are conspiring? This is the continuation of an investigation led by Antoine Vitkine and Barbara Necek on the conspiracy theories. How does the increase in means of communication (TV channels, newspapers, web sites…) take part in a “manipulative” vision of the world instead of ending it? What role does “infotainment” play? This new form of trendy journalism, which goes from Ardisson (TV presenter) to the “Guignols de l’Info” (TV puppet show), and which feeds the confusion between real inquiries and entertainment, between information and show, between journalism and propaganda. How have these archaic theories (which range from the Jewish conspiracy to the freemasonry’s takeover, including the Protocols of Zion…) been revamped? Why do we find these theories to the extreme right and to the extreme left, shared by Le Pen and Bové…? Why do these fears and visions of the world, both very ideological and archaic, find so much echo? This documentary shows how a complicated international situation can be interpreted in a Manichean way and can let fantasies and paranoia prosper over it.

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