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United we Stand

1 x 52'

United we stand


"United we stand": the words can be seen everywhere as one travels from one city to another in the United States, only a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of the 11 th of September 2001. On buses or in store windows, American flags underline the strong patriotic feeling that is prevalent in the heart of most Americans.
This film is a road-movie which looks into the changes caused by the terrorist attacks on every level of the American society. From the ruins of the Twin Towers (Ground Zero) to postal offices in Washington to the campus of Princeton University, we register the repercussions of an ongoing terrorist manace. Such personalities as Peter Jennings, the ABC anchorman and a former head of the CIA, answer the questions: What are the new American fears? Which military strategies are now being questioned? Is it the end of a certain isolationism? The political and psychological impact of the September 11 attacks will have long terms implications for the ways in which the United States engages in the world. This documentary shows the passing of an age of innocence and isolation.

4:3 - SD
Discovery - Social/Human Stories
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