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Nature Brigade

12 x 26'

Eps. 2 : The Illegal Immigrants of Oiapoque

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“Nature Brigade” follows the daily fight against illegal gold mining in French Guyana of the specialized unit: Nature of the National Forestry Office of Guyan, and of an experimental police unit focusing on interventions in the rainforest: (PSIG-FE).
Through 12 episodes, "Nature Brigade" gradually uncovers the uncompromising portrait of four men: Sebastien Allo and Alain Coppel of the ONF as well as Victor Almeida and Daniel Viard of the Police Force.


01. Gold of the Violet Woods
02. The Illegal Immigrants of Oiapoque
03. The Gold Diggers of the Approuague
04. Danger in the Nouragues
05. Social Mission Adieu Vat
06. Adieu VAT: End of the Reign
07. Station Canopy
08. The Amazon, the Waltz of the Chainsaws
09. The Forest According to Ariane
10. Desperate Gold Digger
11. Yellow Gold Versus Green Gold
12. Big Brother in Guyana

16:9 - SD
Crime/Investigation - Current Affairs - Environment
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Crime - Environment - guyana - Military