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Hollywood News Feed

52 x 15' /year

Hollywood News Feed Eps.348

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Walk with the stars on the red carpet every week as Hollywood News Feed takes you front and center into the world of glitz, glamour and entertainment! With every episode shot in high-definition, we want to know: Are you ready for your close-up? News Feed utilizes exclusive archival and paparazzi footage with high production values that keep viewers tuned-in and salivating for more!

We'll take you to the hottests Hollywood and New York premieres and go behind-the-scenes at the award shows everyone will be talking about - you'll see it all first! Looking for the inside scoop? We've got it! Check out our latest celebrity interviews, breaking news scandals, features and more! Each distinct episode of Hollywood News Feed is divides into six chapters: Hollywood Premieres, Hot News, Highlight of the week, Insider News, Top 5 and Happy Birthday Hollywood.

16:9 - HD
Biography - Celebrity/Entertainment
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