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Messengers Without an Audience

1 x 52'

Messengers Without and Audience


Could the genocide of the Jews during WWII have been prevented if President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill had listened to the early warnings of the witnesses of the first hour? Why did they ignore these messengers? This is the gripping story of the messengers, who wanted to prevent the mass murder on the Jews, but...the Western World had other priorities!

During World War II, very few people suspected that the Nazis were systematicallly planning and carrying out the genocide of the European Jews. However, a number of people were aware of the genocide at an early stage and did all they could to inform and warn others. They alerted Allied governments and the media in many ways, sometimes risking their own lives. These brave people, in their effort to make the world intervene, were confronted with indifference and even obstruction. High officials within the American State Department suppressed their information and delayed action. In a period beset by anti-Semitism the Roosevelt government blockedefforts that could have saved thousands of people. Unfortunately, these eyewitnesses were the “Messengers Without an Audience”. The most prominent witnesses participating in this film are Gerhart Riegner and Jan Karski. Unfortunately, they recently passed away. Both men played a major role in supplying information to the Allied Governments.

4:3 - SD
History - Politics / War - World War II
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concentration camp - crime against humanity - genocide - holocaust - jewish