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Fitness First Class

76 x 60'  -  120 x 30'

Ep 25 - Erase Cellulite

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Fitness First Class is the highest quality series in the fitness genre ever produced. Each episode is shot in magnificent locations as Camps Bay in South Africa, the Riviera in Croatia, a luxury resort in Crete, the island of Ibiza in Spain and so on... The trainers on camera are all very experimented professionals. They are also very good looking, which is always a plus for your audience. The shootings are done with multiple cameras so you can follow up the training from multiple angles. It makes it more enjoyable and entertaining to watch. In addition, a crane offers very unique and beautiful travelling shots. The photography in HD is so exceptional that you could watch the show just for the pleasure of its graphic quality. Also it will be very easy for you to make your local dubbed version if you wish to, since all the directions for the steps are given by the voice over that we deliver on a separate audio track. And now it’s time for some exercise! Go ahead and let your viewers enjoy and train with “Fitness First Class”


Fitness First Class est la série de fitness de la plus haute qualité jamais produite. Chaque épisode est tourné dans des endroits magnifiques comme Camps Bay en Afrique du Sud, la Riviera en Croatie, une station balnéaire de luxe en Crète, l'île d'Ibiza en Espagne et ainsi de suite ... Les coach sont tous des professionnels très expérimentés. Les tournages sont effectués avec plusieurs caméras afin que vous puissiez suivre la formation sous plusieurs angles. Cela la rend plus agréable et amusant à regarder. De plus, une grue offre des photos de voyage magnifiques. La photographie en HD est si exceptionnelle que vous pouvez regarder le spectacle juste pour le plaisir de sa qualité graphique. De plus, il vous sera très facile de créer votre version doublée locale si vous le souhaitez, car toutes les instructions pour les étapes sont données par la voix off que nous livrons sur une piste audio distincte. Et maintenant, il est temps de faire de l’exercice! Allez-y et laissez vos spectateurs s'amuser et s'entraîner avec «Fitness First Class»


1- 10 Min. Workouts
2- 7 Workouts - 15 Min per Day! Part 1
3- 7 Workouts - 15 Min per Day! Part 2
4- Abs & Back Workout
5- Abs, Tights and Butt basic with Core-Training
6- Abs, Tights and Butt Intensive + firm arms
7- Abs, Tights and Butt Intensive with Core-Trair
8- Abs, Tights and Butt Power-Workout
9- AeroKick Cardio-Workout with Kicks & Punches
10- Anna Trökes Yoga for a strong Back
11- Anti Stress Yoga, Part 1
12- Anti Stress Yoga, Part 2
13- Beach Body Workout
14- Bikini-Workout
15- Body Shaping Intensive Yoga
16- Bodyshaping - the effective Workout for the whole Body
17- Brigitte Power Yoga, Part 1
18- Brigitte Power Yoga, Part 2
19- Cardio Pilates
20- Core-Workout für Abs & Waist
21- Dance Workout Reduce Weight & Get Fit
22- Erase Cellulite!
23- Fatburn & Bodyshape, Part 1
24- Fatburn & Bodyshape, Part 2
25- Fatburn Dance Workout
26- Fatburn Intensive with Core-Training
27- Fatburn Workout
28- Fit for Pregnancy & Birth
29- Fit in 10 Min.
30- Intensive Yoga Workout

31- Latin Dance Workout
32- My Healthy Back
33- Nordic Walking and Running
34- Perfect Body Workout
35- Pilates for a Strong Back
36- Pilates Standing Balance
37- Pilates Workout basic
38- Pilates Workout intensive
39- Pilates Workout with Ball
40- Power Moves - Fatburn & Abs, Tights and Butt
41- Regeneration & Training for Pelvic Floor after Pregnancy
42- Shape & Stretch
43- Shape your Body
44- Slim Abs - the Ultimate 4-week plan
45- Sofa Workout
46-Step Workout
47- Step Workout - Bodyform & Fatburn, Part 1
48- Step Workout - Bodyform & Fatburn, Part 2
49- Tai-Chi und Chi-Gong, Part 1
50- Tai-Chi und Chi-Gong, Part 2
51- Tai-Chi und Chi-Gong special edition, Part 1
52- Tai-Chi und Chi-Gong special edition, Part 2
53- The Best Body Workout, Part 1
54- The Best Body Workout, Part 2
55- The Best Body Workout, Part 3
56- The Best Body Workout, Part 4
57- Workout for a Strong Back
58- Workout with Flexibar Stabi
59- Yoga now!
60- YogaPilates the best Flows - perfectly combined

16:9 - HD
Fitness - Sport
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