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Blades and knives: countryside traditions

1 x 52'

Lames et couteaux: Traditions Pastorales- French Version


"Since their creation, men realized that they would have to invent and make sharp tools to cut, carve, dig or defend themselves. The history of blades and knives participated in the evolution of mankind on two different levels: agriculture and warfare, from the peasant sickle to the weapon of the warrior.
Even though manufacturing methods are similar, isolation or vulnerability of certain regions of the Mediterranean populations have led them to develop a real knife maker identity from traditional knowledge.
In Corsica, the island of Sardinia, mountainous areas where pastoral activity predominates, is the first region affected. It is the same case in Spain, especially through the ""city of knives"": Albacete, which reflects a strong influence of Arab traditions.
These are their stories...

4:3 - SD
Ethnography/Civilization - Wildlife/Nature
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History - Human evolution - human kind - technique - tools