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Fly fishing in Mongolia

1 x 52'

Fly fishing in Mongolia - French Version


"Fishing in Mongolia inevitably satisfied every fisherman, beginners as well as experts. Pure rivers, far from civilization, clear streams flowing from the earth without having to undergo the pressure of industrial fishing.
The film then takes us into the heart of the Mongolian steppes, with Piam, a French fishing guide in search of a mythical fish: the taimen.
Step by step, Piam reveals his deep aspirations that go far beyond its fishing activity: a thirst for discovery, a desire of encountering a new culture, and to protect the nature. Those concerns are naturally transmitted to everybody who wants to accompany him.
A friendly relationship and mutual assistance has been established over time between Piam and Mongols. His speech is a lesson he lavishes in line with the environment and Mongols beliefs."

4:3 - SD
Discovery - Fishing - Sport
Year of Production
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