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Theater, Ping pong and satellites

1 x 52'

Theater, Ping pong and satellites - French version


"Ilimitrof is an unusual theater company. They define themselves as a company ""all-terrain"" which adapts its shows in places as diverse as classrooms, factories and parks... For 15 years, its creations combine French and Chinese artists in both conception and production of the shows.
Their new partner - the Ping-Pong Association, based in Canton - just inherited a land and an old factory that will be converted into a bar - restaurant, performance stage and soon an artistic production studio. Their founders, Peter and Qiuqiu have already developed about sixty events and have many projects in mind...
This documentary provides an opportunity to track the original adventure of a theater company which started more than fifteen years ago, to discover a different China and meet the creators of tomorrow... "

16:9 - HD
Litterature/Theatre - Sport
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China - collective - Ping Pong