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Tour de France : First step to Corsica

1 x 52'

Tour de France : First step to Corsica - English version

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June 29, 2013 marks the date of a special anniversary: the Tour de France celebrates its 100th birthday. On this occasion, the famous cycling competition starts from a region that it has never been invested before: Corsica. On the one hand, we have the caravan of the Tour with 200 runners, its colorful characters and its advertising procession. And on the other hand, there is Corsica, its cliffs and creeks, its immutable traditions and its people. An unprecedented encounter between two supposedly opposite worlds
This documentary offers to explore the event ""off-screen"", showing the confrontation between these two worlds, and obviously their clich├ęs. A new and amusing version of the clash of cultures, guided by the interests and curiosity they have for each other.
Corsica is symbolically taking its place among French Regions ... But which one? The Tour, in this regard, also poses a unique challenge in the history between the island and mainland France.

16:9 - HD
Discovery - Sport - Travel
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