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Kick Boxing & K1 rules: GBC Tour

1 x 150'

Part 3

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Don't miss this World Boxing Tour organised by the Global Boxing Council (GBC).
A night of challenging fights where teams from all over the world, specially from Holland and Belgium will offer audiences a spectacular show and great performances. An international event full renowned fighters such as Bruce Cordon, great star of the World GBC.

At the program:

K-1 Fights:
. Bruce Codron (France) vs Antonio Gomez (Espagne) - 3×3 mn - 70kg
. Sait Karaevli (Turquie) vs Mohamed Houmer (France) - 3×3 mn - 70kg

K-1 Superfights:
. Kévin Ibanez (GYM BOXE LOISIRS)vs Clément Challon (Team EZBIRI) - 3×3 mn . -61kg
. Marvin SELLAM (GYM BOXE LOISIRS) vs Cyril ABBAS (Team SABATIER) - 3×3 mn . -67kg
. Mathieu GRIOZEL (GYM BOXE LOISIRS) vs Tristan BENARD (AMC) - 3×3 mn . -61kg
. Yazid BOUSSAHA (Team BOUSSAHA) vs Thibault REY (KBP) - 3×3 mn . -71kg
. Anthony Frémont (France) vs Rafik Goumry (Hollande) - 3×3 mn . -73kg
. Eddy NAIT SLIMANI (France) vs Soufiane HAMMANI (Maroc) - 3x3mn . -65kg
. Jérémy RAGAZZACCI (France) vs Abderrahim El Fakiri (Hollande) - 3×3 mn . -73kg

K-1 First Semi-finale
TBA vs TBA - 3×3 mn . -70kg

K-1 Second Semi-finale
TBA vs TBA - 3×3 mn . -70kg

K-1 Finale
TBA vs TBA - 3×3 mn . -70kg

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