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The Jazz Meetings

32 x 60'

Eps. 1 - Eric Teruel


Here is a show that will transport you to the early ages of Jazz. Recreating the atmosphere of the old smoky vaults where Jazz music used to be played during the prohibition years in New York and Chicago.
A set of live concerts shot in such an elaborated way that audiences and Jazz fans will be completely captivated by the quality of the images and sound. The Jazz Meetings give audiences an unrestricted access to the places where the big Jazz music scene was born and enjoy this great performance from the comfort of their own home.
At the Program: Raoul Bruckert ; Michel Fernandez ; Stephan Oliva ; David Bressat ; Eric Terruel ; Mad nomad ; David Linx ; Lionel Martin…


1. Eric Terruel
2. Cholet – Kanzig – Papaux Trio
3. Jean François Baez
4. Culpo et Richard
5. Pierre Alain Gouald Trio
6. Nico Morelli
7. B. Renaudin et D. Cahours
8. Sebastien Texier Trio
9. Chassagnite Trio
10. Bruno Simon Trio
11. Nema
12. Michel Fernandez
13. Cracklin’ Trio
14. Blast
15. Zebra Quartet
16. David Bressat
17. Hadouh Trio
18. Manu Di Bango
19. Raoul Brückert
20. Charlie Miller
21. Gipsy Groove Gang
22. Catali Antonini
23. Mad Nomad
24. Danis et compagnie
25. TMS Trio
26. François Dumont d’Ayot Trio
27. S. Ros Quintet
28. Débora Seffert et Thierry Maillard
29. David Linx
30. John Tchicai et Michel Fernandez
31. Stephan Oliva
32. Lionel Martin

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