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Master Class Aïkibudo

1 x 52'

Master Class Aïkibudo - French Version


This intensive master class takes places at the National Institute of Sports of expertise and performance gathering more than 150 participants from all over the world.
Dictated by Master Alain Floquet, 8th dan of Kyoshi Hanshi d'Aïkibudo and 7th dan of Kyoshi de Katori Shinto Ryu. He is not only an exceptional master, founder of the Aïkibudo, but is also an great expert of Martial Arts. He live in the eruption of Japanese martial Arts in France and he contributed greatly to their growth in the second half of the XX Century. His professional career in the police and the personal relations he created with the Japanese masters that saw in him an inspired man, lead him the the creation of this authentic and unique martial art: The Aïkibudo.

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