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Field Hunting

7 x 52'

Eps 1. In the tracks of the Deer - French version


A documentary series about Horse and Hound that will take us into the heart of the pack!
Follow a group of engaged and very well equipped hunters into the wooded paths of deep forests as well as in the open fields in the look of their quarry. On horse or on foot, we discover a complete panorama of the field hunting techniques adapted to each animal. Huntsmen will also share their experience, talk about the difficulties of a specific hunt and explain the role of each member of the pack, of the quarry and the dogs that track it down.
Audiences will very much enjoy this program where you can learn about hunting while you enjoy the entertaining ride admiring not only the spectacle of the forest but also all the animals that can be seen during the performance. A captivating series for all audiences!

Les vèneries


1. In the tracks of the Roe deer
2. In the track of the Wild boar
3. In the tracks of the Coyote
4. In the track of the Fox
5. In the tracks of the Hare
6. In the tracks of the Rabbit
7. In the tracks of the Duck

Animals - Hunting - Sport - Wildlife/Nature
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horse - Hound - Hunt