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Fatburner intensive workout: slim & toned in record time!

1 x 71'


This is the perfect fitness training that female viewers will love
Full power for the dream body - slim & toned in record time! Since the fat burning comes in the right mood: fitness professional Stefanie tube presents a high intensity workout that makes you fit for the bikini. All muscle groups are trained effectively - for a body in top shape. A particular focus is on typical female problem areas such as abdomen, legs and buttocks. Effective exercises while standing and on the ground also provide for defined arms and a strong core muscles. Have fun burning calories and see the amazing results: a figure that is perfect for the beach - slim, toned & sexy!
This complete course is based on 31min of standing exercises, 39min of ground exercises and 9min of stretching. Accessible to all levels this is the perfect training that your female audience will want to follow.

16:9 - HD
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Fitness - Women