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Royal Dinner

10 x 26'

Episode 04 : The Palace Cuisine at the Belle Epoque - English Version

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This haute cuisine TV series (10x26') takes us on a culinary journey with Michelin-starred chef Michel Roth to discover ten festive menus created during the highlights of world cuisine. This gives many opportunities for Michel Roth to give free rein to his creativity and to reinvent some exceptional recipes, allowing the viewer to reproduce at home legendary dishes served at the most refined tables.

For the testing the chef Michel and hostess Caroline Mignot will welcome to their table some of the most renowned writers, historians, producers and geographers. In the menu then prestigious meals that audiences will enjoy while learning to prepare them and impress their guests at home.


Cette série télé de haute cuisine (10x26 ') nous emmène dans un voyage culinaire avec le chef étoilé Michel Roth pour découvrir dix menus festifs créés lors des temps forts de la cuisine du monde. Cela donne de nombreuses opportunités à Michel Roth de laisser libre cours à sa créativité et de réinventer des recettes d'exception, permettant au spectateur de reproduire chez lui des plats mythiques servis aux tables les plus raffinées.
Pour les tests, le chef Michel et l'hôtesse Caroline Mignot accueilleront à leur table certains des écrivains, historiens, producteurs et géographes les plus renommés. Au menu, puis des repas prestigieux que le public appréciera tout en apprenant à les préparer et à impressionner ses invités à la maison.


1- Queen Victoria’s Christmas Dinner
With this very British meal, Michel Roth and Caroline Mignot honor Queen Victoria whose Christmas table was extremely tasty.

2- The Palace Cuisine at the Belle Epoque
Having done most of his career at the Ritz, Michel Roth is a little heir of Auguste Escoffier, the first head of the institution, as well as many palaces in the Belle Epoque. He signs in this episode an exceptional menu, reminiscent of the lavish spirit of the past century.

3- Gourmet menu of Lyon traditional home cooking
Michel Roth revisits those dishes those called in the 1920s the
"Mothers of Lyon ", probably the first women to enter the official history of French gastronomy.

4- Japan my love (of the Meiji period since today)
Japanese cuisine is both different and similar to ours in its pursuit of excellence . Michel Roth reflects his fascination by developing a French-Japanese menu. He invites a friend in the kitchen , the chef Daiki Nishio, to discover the art of cutting fish .

5- Cook for a President at the Elysée Palace
Historically, it is around meals, grandiose banquets or refined dinners that the people that govern discuss, are confronted and even seduce each other. This episode is the opportunity for Michel Roth and Caroline Mignot explore the table of leaders, with a menu that could be that of a president.

6- / Marie-Antoinette, the queen of the apple of earth and land chocolate
History does not tell us if Marie Antoinette loved oysters, but Michel Roth , inspired by the Enlightenment era, has developed a sophisticated menu fit for a French queen .

7- Italian renaissance cuisine
In the Renaissance , Europe is driven by Italian gastronomy. Tastes change , new products are adopted. Michel Roth and Caroline Mignot are out to discover these Italian culinary roots

8- Russian Supper
Michel Roth revisits the tastes of Russian tsars and princes. This is an opportunity to revive the flame of the long day before Gourmet friendship between France and Russia ...
9- 19th-century Louisiana Banquet Dinner
Today, Louisiana is in the spotlight. Proud of its cuisine , the result of its mixed history inspires our chef a games that mixes spicy flavours and local products to cook a festive and colorful menu.

10- William the 1st, a gourmet Prince
Following the steps of two famous chefs, Urbain Dubois and Émile Bernard, who in the nineteenth century , have delighted the taste buds of William I of Prussia , Michel Roth puts his French chef talent to German tastes. It reinvents dishes that have had their place at the table of the Kaiser.

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