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Adventures in distant flavours

8 x 26'

Adventures in distant flavours - French Version


The gourmet series reveals how each country has its own style of cooking and eating.
In each episode a local expert will guide us through the fresh produce of a traditional market. These ingredients will form the basis to make receipts and dishes that each viewer will be encouraged to try at home.
ADF provides the perfect inspiration for those who love to eat well, and every episode is a mouth-watering feast for the eyes and temptation for the taste buds, as well as a chance to journey around the world.
Food and travel share top billing and are the undisputed stars of Adventures in Distant Flavours.
Destinations :
Madagascar - Egypt - Finland - Lithuania - Benin - Peru - Madeira - Senegal

4:3 - SD
Cooking - Lifestyle - Magazine
Year of Production
Tag Words
Cooking - Food - Travel