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Irezumi, The Japanese Art of tatooing

1 x 52'

Irezumi, The Japanese Art of tatooing - English Version


A journey to the land of the rising sun to discover a fascinating ancient culture : the tattoo.
Getting a tattoo can take months even years depending on the tattoo desired.This traditional technique is very painful. The designs printed on the body are symbols of strength and courage. This art is the exclusivity of few masters who perpetuate a tradition of excellence.
Master Nakamura is one of the last tattoo artists in Japan using the brush technique and the legendary master Horriochi III known worldwide. We also show the production of the special ink “Izumi” used to create masterpieces on the human body. The only plant manufacturing this natural based ink with the same technique for over 200 years.

16:9 - HD
Art/Culture - Discovery
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Japan - Tatoo - Yakuza