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World Peaks

20 x 43'

World Peaks - French Version


Our dreams in exoticism and new encounters will all come together on the tops of twenty snow laden and misty mythical mountains. The chosen destinations, among them some of the world's tallest peaks, each evoke and provoke the imagination.

Goat herders, artisans, sherpas, trappers, historians; all cross our paths as guides to the remote and wild regions they call home. Their diversity nevertheless has one common trait, their affection for their mountains and stupendous scenery.

The series will allow the viewer to experience outstanding landscapes that are nevertheless vulnerable to a volatile global environment, and the little known local peoples who live far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Filmed in high definition, our films also make use of stunning 3D cartography.


1. Bolivia : Nevado Sajama
2. Alaska : Mount McKinley
3. Tanzania : Kilimandjaro
4. Karabakh : Gomshasar
5. China : Yulong
6. Japan : Miyama
7. Mongolia : Mount Khuiten
8. Ecuador : Tungurahua
9. Ladakh : Zanskar
10.South Africa : Drakensberg
11.Yemen : Chouaïb
12.Kyrgyzstan : Pic Pobedy
13.Nepal - Manaslu
14.Colombia : Sierra Nevada of Santa
15.Ethiopia : Ras Dashen
16.Cameroon : Mount Cameroon
17.Southern India : Chembra
18.Vietnam : Mont Phan Xi Pang
19.Lebanon : Mount Lebanon
20.Sulawesi : Mont Rantemario

16:9 - HD
Mountain - Travel
Year of Production